Flooding Information for At-Risk Properties
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Flooding Information for At-Risk Properties

City of Windsor officials are continuing to monitor high water levels along Lake St. Clair and the Detroit River. In an effort to keep residents informed on the ways that they can help protect themselves and their homes in the event of flooding, City officials have prepared a brochure that is being distributed to approximately 17,000 homes in the Riverside area.

The brochure contains information on what to do in the event your home is flooded and/or you are required to evacuate. There is also information on how to prepare your home, an explanation of different flood warnings and contact information if you need help.

A sandbag distribution centre is available for residents who live along the north side of Riverside Drive from George Avenue east to the border with the Town of Tecumseh.  These are the homes determined to be at the greatest risk for overland flooding.  Residents from those addresses are asked to call 311 (open 8am to 4pm Monday to Friday), and an appointment can be set up to meet City staff at the sandbag station. Appointments will be scheduled between 7am and 3pm, Monday to Friday.  A limit of 100 sandbags per day per home is in place. 

A reminder, the sandbag station is located at 9410 Little River Road (just west of the Little River Bridge and the roundabout). Residents requesting sandbags will be required to show proof of address (mail or billing information showing address) and to check in with the attendant each time they visit. The sandbag station will have a City staff member on hand, and some assistance with the filling of the bags will be available upon request starting Tuesday, April 14th.

For further information, visit our Lake and River Flooding web page. In the event of an evacuation, additional details will be made available on the City website. See info on basement flooding prevention as well.

Reminder: One of the best ways to stay informed is to sign up for Windsor Alerts. The Windsor Alerts system will be used to notify subscribers of significant emergency situations and disasters. Residents are asked to sign up by providing a combination of their cell phone, email address, home phone and home address. The home address information is important, as it allows for geographically targeted notifications to be sent out to affected areas. Visit www.windsoralerts.ca to sign up now.

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