First in Mayor’s Community Conversations Series to be Rescheduled in Response to Deadly London Hate Crime

Windsor Mayor Drew Dilkens is rescheduling the first in a series of three Community Conversations as the city of Windsor mourns alongside our neighbours in the city of London.

On Sunday evening, five members of the same London Pakistani-Muslim family were struck down and four of them killed by a driver who targeted them because of their Islamic faith. A young boy was left behind and is now recovering in a London hospital.

The Windsor Islamic Association will host a Community Dua for the Afzal family on Wednesday, June 9, 2021, at 7:00 p.m. at the Windsor Mosque parking lot at 1320 Northwood Street. This vigil will be held in Windsor to honour the London victims, to provide a space for Windsorites to gather safely in support of one another and the broader community and to offer prayers and strength for all those who are grieving. Mayor Dilkens will attend the gathering in solidarity. The City of Windsor has waived the noise by-law for this evening to allow for the Windsor Mosque to broadcast prayers during the vigil.

Tonight was to be the first of three online Community Conversations hosted by Mayor Dilkens to meet with residents to discuss the City’s top priorities in the coming months, answer questions and receive feedback. The evening’s participants are asked to select either June 16 or 23 as an alternate date, to accommodate those, including Mayor Dilkens, wishing to attend the vigil.

 “I am outraged and deeply saddened by what happened in London. You have a nine-year-old fighting for his life who now is without parents. This was a family that went out for a walk. No one expects someone to drive up and execute people that way. At the end of the day, it’s about respect for diverse cultures. We are one of the most diverse communities in Canada, but we need a better understanding of people of different religions or cultures, and we need to give respect to that. Much work remains to be done. The City of Windsor remains committed to working with community partners to eliminate hate and promote peace, tolerance, inclusivity and respect.”
Windsor Mayor Drew Dilkens.

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