ENWIN Utilities Ltd. Updates Regarding Downtown Area Outage

The following information is provided by ENWIN Utilities: 

ENWIN teams continue to work to restore power to customers affected by the underground electric vault incident.

Following an incident that occurred in an alley behind the 300-block of Pelissier Street in downtown Windsor earlier this week, when an unoccupied parked vehicle plunged through the ground into an underground electric vault, the vehicle involved in the incident was successfully removed from the underground vault Wednesday evening, allowing ENWIN access to the damaged area.

ENWIN teams have worked continuously since the incident occurred, to restore power to impacted customers and repair infrastructure.  While power was restored to most customers hours after the incident on Tuesday evening, restoration to those fed directly through power at the vault area will be restored by Friday afternoon through temporary means.  ENWIN is currently working directly with those 29 customers on next steps to safely restore power and are working with the management and tenants of Royal Windsor Terrace on temporary power services until vault restoration can be completed.

To ensure public safety and worker safety, ENWIN is requesting that members of the public avoid the work area.


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