Dougall Avenue CN Rail Underpass Opens
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Dougall Avenue/CN Rail Underpass Opens

Windsor Mayor Drew Dilkens and Ward 10 Councillor Jim Morrison helped officially unveil the Dougall Avenue/CN Rail Pedestrian Underpass today.

The grand opening culminates years of study, planning and agreements and completely changes the safety and face of one of the premier access routes to the central corridor of the city.

What was once a tight four lane choke point for cyclists and pedestrians under the CN Overpass is now a safe and scenic multi-use trail that winds through a tunnel linking Dougall Avenue to South Cameron Boulevard and beyond.

“This is a first class feature for our City”, said Windsor Mayor Drew Dilkens.  “Whether you’re using the new multi-use trail and feeling comfortable and safe on your commute or simply driving past it in your car, the safety, style and design of this area is now something all Windsor residents can be proud of”.

The multi-use trail and tunnel are the second phase of this project with the first being the signalized intersection just north at Dougall Avenue and Ouellette Place.

“That intersection and merging lane was once the most hazardous in the City,” said Ward Councillor Jim Morrison.  “Now we have a much safer intersection and a beautiful, safe multi-use trail”.

The total costs of both projects combined was $9 million dollars.

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