Dominion and Northwood Intersection Re-Opens
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Dominion and Northwood Intersection Re-Opens

Windsor Mayor Drew Dilkens and Ward 10 Councillor Jim Morrison helped officially unveil the 3.5 million dollars worth of road and infrastructure improvements made to the intersection of Dominion and Northwood today.

The heavily travelled area with major users including area residents, commuters, students from two nearby schools and worshippers at the Windsor Mosque has been under construction for the past couple of months.

Among the upgrades, the road has been widened, surfaces repaved, left and right turning lanes added and a CCTV camera installed to ensure that traffic flows efficiently through this key area.

“This Dominion-Northwood intersection has been designed in direct response to the feedback we heard from our residents—the families, students and nearby worshippers who were getting snarled in bottlenecks during peak commuting times,” said Windsor Mayor Drew Dilkens. “I am happy to tell you that as of today, the pinch points that tied up travellers heading to Holy Names Catholic High School, the Windsor Mosque or Northwood Elementary Schools will be far less of an issue.”

The latest improvements follow the work done last summer including water main upgrades to reduce flooding and make our infrastructure more resilient to the effects of climate change.

“I have watched the growth and increased demand on this intersection and roadway over many years. The long awaited and highly anticipated improvements being made now will help move traffic greatly,” said Councillor Morrison.

Other improvements include new sidewalks and dedicated bicycle lanes, both in line with our Active Transportation Master Plan’s goal to expand our trail network.

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Re-opened intersection of Dominion and Northwood with bike lane in foreground

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