Dog Licences Ensure a Happy Reunion – Get Yours From the Comfort of Home

It’s time to renew your dog licence for 2022, and the City of Windsor has the right technology to allow you to do so from the comfort of home. Renew your dog licence by February 1 to avoid late fees.

If you are a new dog owner or a new resident of the city, our municipal dog control by-law requires that your pet be licensed.

If your dog gets lost, a valid and current licence is the first step to bringing your pet home again quickly and easily. A proper licence tag helps speed up your reunion by supplying crucial contact information to the person who finds your dog, and regular pound fees are waived when a lost dog is wearing a valid tag. Municipal dog licence fees also assist funding the Windsor-Essex County Humane Society for the services they provide to our community.

For your convenience, dog licences can be purchased online. Just visit and look under the E-services tab, or search “dog licence.” The online application takes just minutes to complete, and your tag will be in your mailbox in days.

Alternatively, in-person services are currently available by appointment only due to provincially mandated COVID-19 restrictions. Please call 519-255-6200, option 1, for more information or to schedule an appointment.

For more information on dog licences, including licensing fees and restrictions, please visit the Dog Licence e-service page or contact 311.


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