Divisional Court Resumes to Hear Leave to Appeal on Hospital Planning Decision
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Divisional Court Resumes to Hear Leave to Appeal on Hospital Planning Decision

The Divisional Court will resume hearing a request for leave to appeal the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal’s (LPAT) decision that dismissed complaints attempting to block a new Single-Site Acute Care Hospital from being built on County Road 42.

The previous decision by LPAT found the official plan and zoning bylaw amendments to be consistent with provincial policy and found those appealing had not met the onus on appeal.

Due to the current pandemic situation, the court hearing will not be taking place in person.  Instead, this public process will be broadcast live on YouTube.


Divisional Court Hearing Resumes on Single Site Acute Care Hospital LPAT Ruling 


Monday, May 11, 2020



Watch Hearing Hear​

Please Note: Interested individuals can access the above link during the hours that the hearing is underway and a live stream of the hearing will be available there to view. A reminder that audio and video recordings, as well as photography, of the hearing are prohibited under law.

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