Council Invests $9.4 Million to Replace 32 Playgrounds Citywide

Mayor Drew Dilkens was joined by Senior Manager of Parks James Chacko today to announce a $9.4 million investment to build new play structures at 32 public parks across the city of Windsor.

This funding, unanimously approved by City Council in July, ensures that over the next year, work will be underway to upgrade 32 new playgrounds across the city. Once complete, nearly 70 percent of all 125 public play structures will be upgraded and modernized.

The 32 playgrounds range in age from 20 to 28 years and have been identified by administration as having reached the end of their useful life span. They will be replaced with state-of-the-art, fully accessible facilities encompassing innovative design to offer children a safe, inclusive and enriching outdoor environment to learn and play.

The 32 parks slated to receive new playgrounds include the following:

  • Ward 1: Lake Laguna, Matthew Rodzik, Dynasty and Kominar parks
  • Ward 2: McKee and Bradley parks
  • Ward 3: Fred Thomas and Alton C. Parker parks
  • Ward 4: Gignac, Willistead, Garwood, Kid’s Alliance and Devonshire parks
  • Ward 5: Mayfair, Robert and Francois parks
  • Ward 6: Homesite and St. Paul Grove parks
  • Ward 7: Cora Greenwood, Ganatchio/Little River Corridor Trail, Seneca, Stillmeadow and South Rendezvous parks
  • Ward 8: Coletta, Thurston and Shawnee parks
  • Ward 9: Kenilworth, Maple Leaf and Patrick Maguire parks
  • Ward 10: Avondale Playlot, Jennifer and Aboriginal parks

A virtual public information consultation will open August 6 on to invite input from residents about what features, themes or special considerations they would like to see applied in their proposed new neighbourhood playground. Residents are encouraged to complete the online surveys by August 27, 2021, at 4:30 p.m. This public feedback will help inform the design of the new play structures, which are expected to be built over the next two summers.

The City of Windsor recognizes that playgrounds are essential to a child’s healthy development. From 2018 to 2020, City Council invested more than $7 million to replace 28 playgrounds citywide.

The 10-year capital budget City Council approved this year commits $1.6 billion toward modernizing public infrastructure, including more than $137 million toward improving parks and recreation. In 2021, about 10 percent of the capital budget, $17.6 million, is allocated toward upgrading parks and recreation amenities.


“Outdoor playgrounds have always been an important component of our parks system, but as the COVID-19 pandemic has clearly shown, these public play spaces are absolutely essential for maintaining a strong community. Few signs of a healthy and vibrant neighbourhood are more convincing than seeing a playground buzzing with families. This $9.4-million investment builds our city up and creates opportunities to stay healthy and active.” – Mayor Drew Dilkens

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