City of Windsor Improves Safety at Public Parks

Windsor Mayor Drew Dilkens was joined by Ward 8 Councillor Gary Kaschak, Senior Manager of Parks James Chacko and representatives of Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) Local 82 to announce details of enhanced safety at several public parks across Windsor.

Contributions from Windsor City Council, ward funds and CUPE Local 82 have combined to create an investment of nearly $1 million to install 120 solar and 90 LED lights across 14 municipal parks. The solar-powered lights are an affordable, low-maintenance and energy-efficient solution to illuminating pathways and multi-use trails. They are equipped with motion-sensor technology that switches on the lamps when passersby are detected and dims the lights when no one is present in order to conserve energy.

The announcement was made at Polonia Park, which received 18 new solar-powered lights thanks to contributions from Councillor Kaschak’s Ward 8 funds and support from CUPE Local 82. The fixtures are mounted on standard poles standing about 15 feet high, which have been strategically placed along the walking trail in response to residents’ calls for more lighting for the pathway.

Other public parks in Windsor that have or are set to receive new lights include the following:

  • Remington: 30 solar lights
  • Walker Homesite: 15 solar lights
  • Forest Glade: 26 traditional LED lights
  • Langlois/Southdale: 6 solar lights and 34 traditional LED lights
  • Bridgeview: 9 traditional LED lights
  • Riverfront: 27 traditional LED lights
  • Bellewood: 7 traditional LED lights
  • Optimist Memorial: 5 solar lights
  • Maple Leaf: 12 solar lights
  • Esdras: 3 solar lights
  • Shawnee: 1 solar light
  • Tranby: 11 traditional LED lights
  • Riverside Baseball Park: 7 traditional LED lights

City Council recognizes that well-designed, strategically placed lighting is an important part of maintaining safe and enjoyable public spaces. That is why the 2021 Capital Budget approved by council includes a 10-year $1.6-billion plan to maintain and improve public infrastructure, including efficient and reliable outdoor lighting that offers residents a sense of safety while extending the hours of recreational activity.

For more information on this and other projects underway across Windsor, visit the Building Windsor’s Future Investments Map or the City of Windsor’s capital plan web page.


“Council is committed to investing in projects that maintain a safe and enjoyable environment for residents to stay healthy and active. The new 120 solar-powered and 90 LED lights being installed at 14 public parks will extend the useful hours of these outdoor spaces while providing residents with a sense of added security and visibility.” – Windsor Mayor Drew Dilkens

“The 18 new solar-powered lights are an absolutely terrific upgrade to Polonia Park. The combined playground, walking path and now extensive lighting enable residents to use our City facilities frequently and feel safe. Impressive collaboration from all City staff involved.” – Ward 8 Councillor Gary Kaschak

“CUPE Local 82 is committed to investing in ward renewal projects every year. This year we partnered with Councillor Kaschak and contributed $8,000 towards Polonia Park's solar lights to help transform park safety and provide residents with an improved sense of security. Our involvement in such projects is to encourage the use of public green spaces and to enhance and connect with our community.” – CUPE Local 82 President Rob Kolody

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