City and Contract Snow Crews to Clear Residential Areas

Environment Canada is forecasting steady snowfall to continue through early Thursday morning. City and contract snow crews in Windsor are working hard to clear the main arterial routes in the city to ensure that the roads are safe.

The accumulation of snow has reached the threshold for residential snow clearing and plowing. City crews and contract snow crews will begin working in residential areas early Thursday morning, once the main arterial routes have been cleared. This will ensure that the roads are safe and passable for all drivers.

We kindly ask for your patience as clearing residential areas can be a slow process due to the stop and go nature of the work, as well as the numerous impediments such as parked vehicles. It typically takes 24 to 36 hours for the City to complete snow clearing on all residential streets. Therefore, we request that you wait at least 36 hours before calling 311 to report that your street needs plowing.

Drivers are asked to use extra caution and reduce their speed especially approaching intersections, due to the slippery conditions. Drivers are also asked to be patient when travelling behind a plow and to give operators plenty of room, as following too close to a snowplow can lead to poor visibility.

Sidewalks Reminder:

The sidewalks abutting residential and commercial properties is the responsibility of the property owner. Residential property owners please ensure to clear your sidewalks within 12 hours after snow fall occurs, and commercial property owners within 4 hours. As well, under the Highway Traffic Act and City of Windsor by-laws, residents are prohibited from shovelling snow back onto the street while clearing sidewalks and driveways, as this creates unsafe road conditions for motorists. Together we can make sure our roads and sidewalks are safe and passable for all users.

Just a reminder, the City’s Snow Angels volunteer snow removal program is still looking for volunteers.

For information visit our snow removal page.

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