City Ends Declaration of Municipal Emergency

Windsor Mayor Drew Dilkens, in consultation with City administration and public health officials, has ended the Declaration of Municipal Emergency put in place two years ago at the onset of the global COVID-19 pandemic.

“As public health guidance continues to shift, and the federal and provincial governments lift restrictions, it is evident that the pressures that called for the declaration of an emergency locally have eased, and the declaration can safely be ended,” said Mayor Dilkens.

The City of Windsor will continue to adhere to and promote all health and safety regulations to protect employees and the public, including advocating for vaccinations, enhanced cleaning protocols, wearing masks when social distancing is not possible and hand sanitizing as often as needed.

“I’ve been so proud of the leadership our City staff have shown throughout the pandemic,” said Chief Administrative Office Jason Reynar. “Through getting vaccinated, working in re-assigned roles and keeping our facilities safe and clean, they’ve shown incredible resilience. And I know that while we will all welcome this latest sign that things are improving, we will also stay focused on keeping our residents and staff safe.”

Public health officials have also advised that monitoring of COVID-19 cases and local health care capacity will continue so that, should it be necessary to consider alternative steps in the future, we will be ready to do so.

“Throughout the pandemic, our Community Control Group has worked tirelessly to respond to the rapidly changing circumstances,” says Steve Laforet, Fire Chief and Community Emergency Management Coordinator. “As pressures ease, we will now focus our efforts on recovery and lessons learned.”

Over the course of the pandemic, the City of Windsor provided supports to small businesses and families in need, waived fees for outdoor hospitality industry locations and found ways to continue to deliver core public services through enhanced use of online and remote tools. Local residents responded in kind, with tremendous generosity to organizations such as the UHC - Hub of Opportunities, June 27th Miracle, the United Way and many others.

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