City Crews Respond to Numerous Tree Calls Due to Storm

City of Windsor Forestry crews and 311 representatives are very busy with calls related to tree damage from last night’s storm.

A steady stream of calls are coming in to the 311 Customer Contact Centre asking for Forestry support. The significant call volume could mean increased wait time for callers, so the 311 Mobile App or 311 Online (choose “Storm-Related Tree Concern”) are also options.

Forestry is prioritizing calls by tackling any broken limbs or downed trees posing danger or affecting right-of-ways, and once those initial calls are addressed, the longer process of getting to non-emergency calls will take place.

Windsor Fire and Rescue Services reminds you to avoid downed power lines and be vigilant when walking and avoid walking under overhead tree limbs if possible. Natural areas where tree coverage is substantial should be avoided.

ENWIN crews are busy restoring power where there are outages, and City Operations staff are working on returning traffic signals to regular function. If you come upon a flashing red or non-functioning traffic light, treat it as a four-way stop and proceed with caution when clear. Drivers are reminded to pay close attention, as many mast arms for the signals are turned and there may be conflicting signals visible.

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