Celebrate GIS Day 2017!
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Celebrate GIS Day 2017!

The City of Windsor is partnering with the University of Windsor’s Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences Department and the Great Lakes Institute for Environmental Research to celebrate GIS Day 2017!

GIS Day provides users of geographic information systems (GIS) an opportunity to celebrate and promote GIS and other geospatial technologies (e.g. global positioning systems, unmanned aerial vehicles, etc.) within their communities. In addition, it provides students and community members a glimpse into the real-world applications of GIS (e.g. relating to the environment, criminology, municipal services, etc.) and the potential career opportunities it presents.

The City of Windsor and the University of Windsor be joining hundreds of universities, non-profit organizations, public and private schools, and government organizations around the world in celebrating and bringing awareness to the potential and impact of GIS technologies by organizing talks, games, and poster sessions.

In addition, high school students will be able to participate exclusively in interactive demonstrations using GIS software and other geospatial technologies in our on-campus laboratories and other locations across the University of Windsor campus.

For more information visit www.uwindsor.ca and search GIS Day.

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