Bright Lights Windsor Off-season Teardown Update
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Bright Lights Windsor Off-season Teardown Update

Jackson Park should be returning to normal soon, as crews are making progress removing the Bright Lights Windsor display from trees and paths. 

Approximately 5,000 strands of lights and more than 100 elements helped transform Jackson Park into a display of lights and more, which was enjoyed by thousands this past December and January.  Since then, workers have been removing the lights carefully, labelling each display and preparing all the pieces for safe storage until the next edition of Bright Lights Windsor. 

Weather has presented some challenges for work crews who have been dealing with everything from heavy snowfall covering displays to freezing temperatures making removal impossible and the ensuing thaws making heavy vehicle use risky.

Corporate Leader of Parks, Recreation, Culture and Facilities Jan Wilson says the work is almost complete though, and the north side of the park is expected to be open by mid February.  Check out our interview with Jan for more details.

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