2020 Public Salary Disclosure for City of Windsor and ENWIN

(for 2019 compensation) 

City of Windsor 2020 Public Salary Disclosure

In accordance with the Public Sector Salary Disclosure Act (PSSDA), the City of Windsor is making public the salaries and benefits paid to employees who earned $100,000 or more as reported on the Canada Revenue Agency T4 slip.

The attached report discloses amounts paid as salary and as taxable benefits to those employees who earned more than $100,000 in 2019.  It should be noted however, that in many cases the amounts include such one-time payment items as acting pay, overtime, retroactive payments, adjustments required by pay equity legislation, and/or settlements that do not form part of the normal ongoing base salary of employees.

ENWIN Group of Companies Public Salary Disclosure for 2019

In keeping with the commitment made by its shareholder, the Corporation of the City of Windsor, the ENWIN Group of Companies (ENWIN) is disclosing the 2019 compensation of those serving in senior executive positions.

The Public Sector Salary Disclosure Act (PSSDA) is provincial law that outlines parameters for municipal salary disclosure. This law does not apply to electricity distribution companies and their affiliates.

Companies like ENWIN, incorporated under Ontario’s Business Corporations Act (OBCA) therefore, generally do not disclose compensation information. 

However, some of Ontario’s large energy companies, like Hydro Ottawa and Union Gas, follow the disclosure rules for corporations listed on the stock exchanges, and for companies that obtain funds through certain debt markets. ENWIN is guided by the scope of disclosure demonstrated by these larger energy sector businesses, which, like ENWIN, are licensed and regulated by the Ontario Energy Board (OEB.)

In the interest of transparency, the ENWIN boards and senior executives have voluntarily consented to the disclosure of their remuneration.

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