Smart Card Media Pilot Project-Restricted Bus Pass
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Smart Card Pilot Project: Semester Restricted

Smart card reader is circled in red Transit Windsor is running a pilot project in conjunction with Student Transportation Services to test smart card media.

Students who receive a Board approved "restricted" pass will be issued a smart card.

To use, simply hold your card over the smart card reader for a few seconds until you hear the accepted chime (bling, bling). The smart card reader is located on the front of the fare box (see red circle area on image to the right). The smart card has a faster processing time, which allows for a quicker boarding time.

If you receive a restricted bus pass from your school, you must use the card in conjunction with your valid student card. If you have lost your student card, please obtain a "Temporary Student Card" by requesting a validated temporary student card form from your school. Bring the completed form to Transit Windsor, and we will provide you with a temporary student card at a cost of $5.00.

Refer to the images below for acceptable ID:
Student CardTemporary Student Card

If your smart card is not used with one of the student cards above, your card may be confiscated by the driver.


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