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Benefits - Mandatory and Discretionary

Social assistance clients are eligible for a number of benefits.

Mandatory Benefits - some examples:

  • Prescription drug coverage - Clients are provided with a monthly Ontario Drug Benefit card which they take to their pharmacy.
  • Dental - Clients are provided with a dental card and they can submit this to their Dentist for dental coverage according to prescribed limits. Children receive full coverage.
  • Diabetic supplies, surgical supplies and dressings.

Eye Glasses & Eye Examinations:

  • Social assistance clients are eligible through the Province for a yearly eye examination.  Clients must produce a copy of their current month's cheque stub or drug card to be eligible for a no-cost examination.
  • Clients must submit a copy of their prescription to their caseworker. 
  • A purchase order is issued if eyeglasses are approved.  Restrictions apply.

Transportation Assistance:

  • Transportation assistance is available to attend medical appointments that would exceed the amount of $15.00/month.
  • Verification of monthly appointments is required.

Discretionary Benefits - some examples:

  • Employment related expenses.
  • Discretionary health related items i.e., orthotics.
  • Funeral and Burials.

Transportation Assistance:

  • Transportation assistance is available to social assistance clients for a monthly Transit Windsor bus pass, or other transportation expenses as a result of costs to participate in employment activities or to attend immigration hearings.  Clients must contact their caseworker to discuss their needs.

This is not a complete list of available benefits. Clients who require assistance with an item should contact their caseworker to discuss what is available to them. Clients will be notified in writing if they are approved or denied a benefit. Denial of a mandatory benefit is appealable.


In Windsor call 311 for general information.  For detailed inquiries call 255-5200.
Fax:  (519) 255-1011 or (519) 255-1503

In Leamington call (519) 946-9988.
Fax:  (519) 322-3529 or toll free at 1-866-763-1222

Drop off at Customer Care Centres: 
Required documents or letters can be dropped off at any of the Customer Care Centres located in the various wards of the city.  Please visit our Customer Care Centres page for a listing of participating locations and hours of operation.