Child and Spousal Support
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Child and Spousal Support

Family Support Worker Program

The Social Assistance Reform Act 1997 includes the Ontario Works Act and the Ontario Disability Support Program Act. These Acts and their regulations designate Family Support Workers (FSW) to assist applicants, participants and dependents to take whatever action is necessary to pursue financial support from persons with a legal obligation to provide it. Family Support Workers (FSW) are not lawyers. They assist Ontario Works participants with support matters in the Family Court of the Superior Court and the Ontario Court of Justice.

Services provided include:

  • Assisting with pursuing support
  • Assisting with reviewing adequacy of support
  • Referrals to Legal Aid
  • Completing court applications for support
  • Conducting investigations to locate absent parent/spouse
  • Liaison with the Family Responsibility Office 


Phone Numbers:

  • Family Law Information Clinic, (519) 973-6670 
  • Lawyer Referral Service, 1-900-565-4577

In Windsor call 311 for general information, call 311.  For detailed inquiries, call Mike Colby (519) 255-5200 ext. 5310.
Fax:  (519) 255-1011 or (519) 255-1503

In Leamington call (519) 946-9988.
Fax:  (519) 322-3529 or toll free at 1-866-763-1222

Drop off at Customer Care Centres: 
Required documents or letters can be dropped off at any of the Customer Care Centres located in the various wards of the city.  Please visit our Customer Care Centres page for a listing of participating locations and hours of operation.


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