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Ontario Building Code 


A Building Code is a collection of regulations and requirements (such as exit sign and smoke detector requirements), which pertain to specific subjects (such as exiting and fire protection systems) that regulate specific practices (such as designing, constructing or remodeling buildings).

Purpose of Codes

All codes have the same purpose no matter what the specific subject may be: to protect the health, safety and welfare of the public and building occupants.
  • Codes protect the public's health, safety and welfare by reducing potential hazards to building occupants. This includes protection from tragedy due to fire, structural collapse and general deterioration of the structures that surround us, such as our homes, schools, stores and manufacturing facilities.
  • Codes keep construction costs down by providing regularity in the construction industry, permitting builders and material manufacturers to do business on a larger scale than if construction was unregulated. Larger scale allows cost savings, which are ultimately passed on to the consumer.
  • Codes provide consistent standards in construction that are applied to the quality and durability of construction and construction materials.
  • Codes contribute to the well being of a community by providing the preservation of life and safety as well as the maintenance of property values over time.

Uses of Codes

Codes provide standards for the design and construction of homes and businesses. To ensure safety, economy and consistency of construction, architects, engineers, contractors, builders and materials manufacturers use codes. You, as a homeowner, landlord or business owner, have a substantial investment that can be seriously jeopardized through code violations. Plan reviews prior to construction and inspections made during construction verify that building code regulations have been followed.

Who Administers the Ontario Building Code?

The Province of Ontario is responsible for the development of cost-effective building regulations, the Ontario Building Code Act and Ontario Building Code. Each municipality is then responsible for the enforcement of the Act and Code in the areas that fall within its jurisdiction.
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