Coventry Gardens and Reaume Park Monuments
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Coventry Gardens and Reaume Park Monuments

Coventry Gardens/Reaume Park

Canadian Labour Congress Monument
Location:West of Peace Fountain
Fight for the Living
In memory of workers who have been injured or die on the job. Every year in Ontario an average of 250 men and women die on the job. Another 8,000 die of occupational disease. There are more than 400,000 work related injuries reported every year.


Fred Burr Iris Garden

Location:East of Peace Fountain 
Member of Provincial Parliament 1967 - 1977.
Fred Burr was a noted iris enthusiast and hybridizer, and all irises in the garden were donated by the Burr Family. Dedicated on July 16, 1998 on the 60th wedding anniversary of Fred and Dorothy Burr.


The Siege of Detroit Plaque

Location:Southwest corner of Park
The Siege of Detroit 1763
Shortly after the founding of Detroit in 1701 a village of Ottawa Indians was established on the south shore of the river in this vicinity, and its inhabitants lived on friendly terms with the French garrison and settlers. However, after the British took control of Detroit and other western posts in 1760, relations with the Indians deteriorated. In 1763 the great Ottawa chief, Pontiac, raised a strong confederacy of Indian tribes and attacked several British posts. Detroit was besieged from May until October by a force which included some 250 warriors from this Ottawa village. Pontiac's unsuccessful attempt to capture Detroit led to the failure of his uprising and general peace was re-established in 1765.
Archaeological and Historic Sites Board of Ontario 


Reaume Park Plaque

Location:Southwest corner of park, next to parking lot 
Joseph L. Reaume
Reaume Park is named after Joseph L. Reaume, a generous businessman who donated this land to the community. Reaume’s family was one of the first to settle this area of Essex County. In the late 1920’s “Jovial Joe,” as he became known, operated the McColl- Frontenac Gas Company, a small gas station and refreshment stand on the north side of Riverside Drive at Pillette Road. In 1931 Reaume bequeathed some 4.7 acres of his property to the former Town of East Windsor for a park so the beauty of the waterfront could be enjoy by all. The seven-acre Coventry Gardens, named in honour of Windsor’s twin city of Coventry England, was added to the original Reaume Park in 1975.

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