Mayor Francis Welcomes 311
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Mayor Francis Welcomes 311

August 22, 2005

This summer we launched the 311 customer services system.  This innovative tool places Windsor on the cutting edge of customer service technology in North America, joining us with a handful of progressive communities who have taken advantage of its potential. 

We're proud to be offering this service to you, and we're proud to be the first 311 community in all of Ontario.  

The driving force behind our adoption of 311 is a desire to simplify the steps needed for you to gain information about City events and programs or to request City services.  It is the product of two years of research and development and strong teamwork with our partners at EnWin and our service provider Motorola. 

Now you only have to remember one simple phone number when you have questions or concerns about non-emergency City services:  311.  From garbage cans to alley light repairs to potholes or sewer cleaning, 311 is your one-stop shopping centre for all City services.  If you need information about City services, facilities, programs, or events occurring around Windsor, give us a call.

Eddie Francis