311 History
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311 History

  • Baltimore, Maryland's Police Department implemented North America's first 311 system in 1996. 
  • There are currently over 20 cities in North America using 311 services along with Motorola's Customer Service Request (CSR) Software.
  • In 2003, Windsor's Manager of Customer Service began researching the best practices of customer service in government.
  • In 2004, initial discussions began with Motorola about bringing 311 to Windsor.
  • In November of 2004, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) designated the number "311" for use across Canada for "non-emergency municipal" purposes.
  • In January of 2005, implementation began in Windsor.
  • Windsor entertained delegates from across the continent in June of 2006 when it hosted the Motorola 311 Symposium.