City Celebrates March 11 as "311 Day"
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City Celebrates March 11 as ‘311 Day’

Windsor 311 is joining 311 communities across North America in celebrating the difference open and accessible government can make.

The third month and 11th day is the appropriately chosen date each year to remind residents of the information and referral service available to them.

“We started 311 more than a decade ago to ensure our residents were able to reach the municipal government support they required in a fast and efficient manner”, said Windsor Mayor Drew Dilkens.  “And while the system and procedures have, and continue to evolve over time our commitment to that overarching goal remains the same”.

Among the next evolution of tweaks to 311 will be a change in call taker hours, from the current 7am to 7pm, to 8am to 5pm in order to better match the operating hours to the timing of the service demands by the public.

“Over 90% of our calls come in between 8 and 5”, said Call Centre Manager Alena Sleziak.  “The switch in hours on April 3, 2017 will save the tax payers money and more appropriately reflect the hours our residents are looking for us, especially as we continue to grow our other communications channels”.

·         Windsor 311 offers residents where service requests can be submitted 24 hours a day/7 days a week.  The request will be handled in the same, efficient manner as if someone called 311 on the phone.

·         Residents can also text311 or email a question or concern and one of our customer service specialists will respond.

·         COMING SOON: This year the city is also planning to launch a 311 app so residents can report issues on the go directly from their hand held devices 24/7.

In addition to the many ways residents can contact 311, 311 is also providing more information than ever.

In January, 18 open data sets on Building and Bylaw service request information was launched on the City of Windsor website.  An additional 33 data sets on Public Works and Forestry service request information is also being made available.

The service request data sets include information from 2016 as well as 2017 year to date information with details on the type of request, department responsible to address the request, date and time the request was received, the general location and ward details.

“One of the great features of the 311 interface is the ability to populate open data sets”, said Chief Information Officer Harry Turnbull.  “And the more data sets we can share the more accessible we are to our community”.

General 311 Stats and Facts from 2016:

·         311 addressed approximately 140,755 inquiries with an average of 560 interactions / day.

·         106,143 requests for information were answered

·         53,003 Service Requests were entered

·         The average call wait time was 54 seconds and the average length of call was 3 minutes

·         311 provided first call resolution for over 90% of inquiries

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